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    Mar 2005
    your hateful nuclear weapons
    are mere props for your aggression
    more tools for further oppression
    die with your..... possessions
    the blatant colonel gave the command
    and millions died in a far away land
    the atom bomb was dropped
    just as he had planned
    and the whole city
    was reduced to sand
    innocent animal and people of towns
    slaughtered as the bombs poured down
    we won't fight your war
    we've seen it all before
    millions dying in anguish and pain
    we don't wanna see war repeated again

    another man dead is one less to fight

    as proof of what is right
    they've got atom bombs on the land
    part of the military strategy they've planned
    they've got atom bombs in the air
    part of their deterrent - it's difference through fear
    they've got atom bombs at sea
    just another pawn in their nuclear artillery
    it becomes very plain to see
    that i can't get away from the threat
    that continually hangs over me
    soldiers on opposing sides
    both prayed to the same god in the sky
    hoping he would protect them
    so they wouldn't have to die
    but praying eased only minds
    and didn't save anyone
    the bombs still fell
    killing millions of innocent men women and children

    war is governments arguments they have failed to control
    war ain't fun, war is stupid, war is painful
    and war can never be won
    war does not pay
    war does not pay
    war does not pay