Slaughter Of Innocence

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    Mar 2005
    The balding man sits compiling his next move
    That mortgage hangs around his neck, now feeling like a noose
    The new gas bill, oh God, how bad he feels
    Those kids he can't reject, his emotional success

    He's a man of set opinion; the weight of the world sits in his hands
    He just cannot seem to reason so he will never understand
    They just won't listen to hardly anything he says
    They simply smile politely, then with one accord turn away

    A son stands at the pond observing the creation that is nature
    Mother prepares dinner, roasting bacon taints the air
    Dog sits as master barks, then leaps lovingly into the car
    He waves and smiles emotionally, his assurance that they will go far
    The stakes rise as each owner unfolds plans, men tempt and bait each other, money exchanges hands
    Animal love now snarling hatred, muzzle unlocked hair raised
    He smirks from behind the wooden fence and shouts his destitute his praise

    Teeth tear, blood splashes the face of a young child playing
    She cries out in disapproval but daddy's now immune to what she is saying
    Driven mad and into frenzy, limbs torn, skin is shorn
    Like sex perverts at their peep show, this is the ultimate in porn

    Eyes glare. Beast and master. Animals both, crazed and weary
    There can only be one real winner here; the results are now seen clearly
    Teeth marks bare where fur once protected, flesh hangs dangling in shreds
    Their faces grimace rejected strips of meat exposed, selected
    Bloodstains and saliva splatter the fuel of precious life
    Master and servant segregate the ritual sacrifice

    The sacrifice of innocents who obeyed the spoken law
    Tired beyond indurance but the spectators cry for more
    Death before dishonor a demand that is so obscene
    The men they appraise each other to keep their conscience clean
    Laughter hides the guilt they feel at every savage blow
    Someone whispers "cruelty" but they don't want to know
    The balding man stands silent as slave fights for life
    He thinks of all the good things that he has promised to his wife

    She caught a glimpse of God through the windscreen of his car
    She tried to rationalise her looks but time don't heal the scars
    Some vague association she feels with the loser of the stake
    She stares into those sightless eyes, what use for heaven sake?
    The TV flickers images of the ideals she once knew
    The fresh young girls displaying soap to keep us clean and new
    She shrugs and folds her arms as he constructs the wooden box
    To hold his faded hope that took the heaviest of knocks

    Like pissing in the ocean, their options disappear
    As they think about the overheads, they know the taste of fear
    Kids to feed and clothing they must show how much they care
    But how to tell the birthday gift is lying dead out there

    What should have paid for birthday cards went on the prime cut beef
    Now celebrations of their birth make way for tears of grief
    Did only what they thought was best to give some sense of pride
    To give the kids a place in life and now the dream has died
    And how to show his love for her, now she repels his touch
    His remaining sense of manhood kicked away just like a crutch
    He promised what he couldn't give, the masters ruling word
    Urged the beast to glory, but the servant never heard