Selfish Ideals

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    A freedom for which there is no need to fight
    Do as they want and they'll tell you it's right.
    They can forcefeed the lies but you don't have to swallow
    Only you possess the right to not follow
    Selfish ideals let you always win
    I support - I'm the "subject", I object - I'm a "victim"
    So you've found an outlet that makes you feel strong?
    This form of sexism has gone on too long.
    Dancing before you - no mind and no name
    Posed on the pages - playing your game
    You say you support this self liberation
    As you're gaining your strength out of pure degradation.
    Everyday men, women and children are victimized as a direct result of the images forcefed into our heads from birth.
    Images that depict people as sexual objects and not as individual beings with our own hearts and minds.
    Our culture has separated sex and love and put power in love's place.
    And it is this patriarchal sexuality, an inherantly oppressive sexuality, that is based on power rather than love.
    True sexual liberation is about realizing our natural sexual desrires,
    not using objectification as a means to an end.
    It is a mistake to see pornography as a valid and accurate representation of our natural sexual desires,
    for playing into sexual stereotypes and acting out roles of dominance and submission that the system has forced upon us is not defining our own sexuality.
    What we have been doing for centuries cannot be changed in one night.
    But we must begin to work for true sexual liberation, both at the political and individual levels.
    And we must begin now.