Lowest Of The Low

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    Mar 2005
    Spreading lies and muck behind our backs
    A vicious cowardly attack
    A spiteful scheming slimeball with a huge ego
    Your pathetic negative actions make me want to throw
    I can't belive the depths to which you've sunk
    You've got some nerve to call yourself a punk
    But you'll pay for your trouble making and your deceit
    For as ye sow so shall ye reap

    You make me sick - You make me sick

    You're the lowest of the low - lowest of the low
    You've sunk so low down you've got nowhere to go

    You pass by the pickets on the front gate
    You don't care that you're letting down your mates
    I don't know how you dare to show your face
    Scum like you are a disgrace
    Deserting your mates sucking up to the boss
    Has all your self respect been lost?
    You're only thinking of the money thinking of yourself
    Well you're a dirty scab and you can go to hell

    You dirty scab - You dirty scab

    Well now you really must take the prize
    You must be so warped and twisted inside
    To actually grass someone up to the pigs
    You wanted me in front of the judge in his wig
    You fingered me for that crime
    You stinking piece of slime
    Scum like you are just the pits
    There's ony one description that fits

    You filthy grass - You filthy grass