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    Mar 2005
    Cops kill youth at the station
    Riot breaks out at the demonstration
    You get nicked for doing a pig
    Senile rich scumbag in a judges wig

    GUILTY - Of fighting back
    GUILTY - Of a vicious attack
    GUILTY - Of standing your ground
    GUILTY - you're going down

    B.N.P. scum march on your street
    A fascist threat that we must meet
    Bricked and bottled they're soon stopped
    But now you're standing in the dock

    GUILTY - Of taking no more
    GUILTY - Of defying their law
    GUILTY - See the judge's frown
    GUILTY - You're going down

    Cancer research - lies and fraud
    Vivisection lab - booted down the door
    Trashed the place till there's nothing left
    Victory to the A.L.F.!

    GUILTY - Of daring to care
    GUILTY - So you better beware
    GUILTY - Free animals from hell
    GUILTY - Your reward is a cell

    Coming out the wine bar - rich scumbag in a bowler
    You take his money and trash his Roller
    Stinking rich parasite flaunts his wealth
    While you're living on the pavement in hunger and ill health
    Yet it's you who gets locked up - your crime is being poor
    Another prisoner of the class war
    Rotting in a prison - social control
    For those of us in poverty and on the dole
    I said, I said who's next? It could be you or me
    Support the prisoners - support the A.B.C.
    Don't forget those on the inside
    We must give them all the support that we can provide

    Motorway planned through ancient wood
    S.S.S.I.s could be lost for good
    In defence of our earth you strike on night
    Blazing vehicles burning bright

    GUILTY - Of defending the earth
    GUILTY - Yours by right of birth
    GUILTY - Now you're doing time
    GUILTY - Who commits the real crime?

    Yes we're guilty - guilty and proud
    Guilty of standing out from the crowd
    Guilty of caring - or just being poor
    To resist is our duty when injustice is law

    GUILTY - Hate your laws and your system
    GUILTY - We're gonna resist them
    GUILTY - And if some get caught
    GUILTY - We're gonna give them support