Common Ground (One by One cover)

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    Traditions ring hollow, traditions ring true
    Billions still following but they haven't got a clue
    Turn a blind eye to the origins
    Another time and place
    Where meanings changed with religious trends and fucked up social ways
    Your path has been chosen
    Don't just blindly accept it
    The need for power and the privilege to own another human being
    A lifetime of holy matrimony
    Symbolized by a ring
    Prearranged and re-arranged
    Prepare for life in these chains
    Do you take this man to be your master?
    "I don't" is not the answer
    Reproductive slave machine is all this ritual was meant to mean
    Do you take this woman to be your wife?
    "I do", now sentence her to fucking life
    Tradition hides lies, traditions hold truth
    Do we really need this paper to show us the proof?
    Do we really want to continue to give our daughters away?
    In a stupid game that used to mean rape, torture and slavery
    Rituals created for us in a day and a time
    When we had no choice what we did with our bodies or lives
    Bought and sold, they robbed us of all our pride
    From birth they owned us until we died.