Better than Zero

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    Mar 2005
    Back when you started
    Things were kinda easier
    You had something to build
    Something you could stand for

    But now - But now ?
    Do we have a future ?
    When every friend of mine
    should be a social worker
    Cos everything you've built
    has since been deleted

    But you keep on sayin'
    It's better than nothing
    It's better than zero
    Yeah we're frustrated
    When money rules the world
    We won't work for nothing
    We want to keep our pride

    But you - But you ?

    You want a better price
    You want to rip us off
    The benefits you have
    Cos everything you've built
    Has since been restricted

    You say
    It's better than nothing
    It's better than zero

    You'd like to divide us
    To make us feel weak
    You point minorities
    But we blame the bosses