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    Mar 2005
    A few words spoken quietly mean so much when said just right
    Those words can also break a heart when two begin to fight
    A love so strong is now nothing; his life begins to fall apart
    She loves him so dearly but her mind is demanding a new start

    He tries to be understanding about the life she is now requiring
    She wants her independence, wants herself to be deciding
    For her future that in reflection can't be a glossy picture
    The family ties, emotions rise, he ends his love resistance

    Hopelessly he strives on, making advances to the world
    Trying hard to forget what once stood as one, and what shall remain untold

    He drifts away, life's in a daze, the mental pain he can't erase
    She meant so very much to him, his life, his world, his everything
    He questions what remains in life, whether or not it's worth living
    It seems she was always taking and he was forever giving

    Alone he sits in his quiet room wondering where it all went wrong
    Looking for the pieces to the puzzle, remembering all her favorite songs

    The nightclub scene she now enjoys seems to be so mistimed
    To him, he has already been there; he has used all the chat up lines
    Laying in his bed awake, staring at the clock
    Feeling lonely, lost and ill, and praying all this will stop

    The boys cluster around his naive love as they move in for the thrill
    He cries himself to sleep, concerned that maniacs will kill
    For less than she would ever give, he must try to forget
    The years they spent when love was strong that finally made him write this song

    So if you ever think that life is just not worth living
    If you doubt that you have anything left at all, worthy of truly giving
    When life's not making any sense and you're filled with anger and resent
    Remember love can conquer all, it is the start of state hates final fall

    If people laugh because their mind is drifting, they're acting out the part
    Of not holding any feelings or having any heart
    Just smile in their face and then walk away for they will realise one day
    As life moves on and they grow old they will realise they have been living the way they're told

    That their life has been a sacrifice to Government's systematic lies
    That true friendship is inseparable and emotions if used responsibly
    Will light the spark for all to see the start of our mass unity
    Human natures winning answer, a true reflection of what is you and me