World Park Antarctica

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    Mar 2005
    I asked them why the wilderness had to die
    Their replay to me showed the reason was naked greed.

    Mass action could stop them - But you've got to start it
    World Park status for the Antarctica.

    They rape and plunder whatever they find - Sea polluted and minerals mined. Poisoned animals slowly die as they suck Antarctica dry.

    Cumoan chris - Gie it laldy ya raj!!

    And the factory ships set sail - A death sentence for the whale
    And as the sea turns to red yet more life blood is shed.

    Park proposals are greeted with mirth by those who rape our Earth
    So will you really just stand by and watch the last great wilderness die?

    Antarctica - twelve million square kilometers of the last almost untouched wilderness left on Earth. It is thus vital that it is protected from greed of those who would turn it into a vast open-cast mineral mine. Unchallenged, such commercial exploitation will simply kill this continent. Toxic waste will be pumped into the seas (as the Americans are already doing at their base at McMurdo Sound), rubbish will be simply thrown away and the inevitable oil disasters similary to the Exxon Valdez in Alaska will ruin the coastal ecology. Then, goverments and multinationals will move on, leaving it poisoned and scarred - Only one thing stands in their way - You.