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    There ain't nobody who's gonna dict me what to say, what to think or where to be i do what i want and when i want to cause i'm not gonna be controled like they control you no police officer's gonna dict my ways struggle these bastards, do it everyday all against repression, police brutality cause if they come around for you they're gonna find me all against repression, police brutality for freedom of expression or simply to be free so come with your tear gaz and your plastic bullets you'll feel the nice sensation of our boots and our sticks. WHO'S STREETS? OUR STREETS! You don't scare us! you even look funny with tour silly suit, try to run after me you hide yourself behind your high-tech weapons and you think that you control by gazing 2000 persons you think that you're coverd using mass-media but we fuck you up the ass, undergroud propaganda! (ref) We know all that you want is bizness some nations avoiding oposition by mass desinformation AMPUTATION OF EXPRESSION is your solution against any rebellion