Time Control

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    Mar 2005
    Well, I don't know who invented the clock
    But it began a process that will never stop
    At the age of six or seven or so
    It was a decoration that went tick-tock
    Then by ten they invented the watch
    Portable guidance till the hands fell off
    And a few years later it was luminous hands
    Then digital figures to help you understand

    Conditioned by punctuality
    Knew when to be there, but not where to be

    We thought we could control the time
    By always knowing what it was
    Now every action has a certain speed
    As we let time control us

    Every technological step
    Is faster than the one before
    Watching the neighbours and the fashion shows
    To see if we need to know more

    Desperate to be one step ahead
    Loving to be followed, but still needing to be led

    So keep up the pace and keep in line
    You're either in the race or you're left behind
    You may feel part of society but the truth is more sublime
    I said "Stop! Take a look around you"
    But you never had the time
    But you never had the time
    But you never had the time