The Suburbs Are Coming Down

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    Mar 2005
    Suburban waste, pathetic lives
    So fucking fake, suburban disguise
    Sweep the homeless off the city streets
    Fuck the yuppies and their arrogant dreams
    You are the consumers you are the slaves
    You are content because cashing in pays
    Better hope that Jesus saves
    You are the bastards you are the slaves

    The suburbs are coming down
    Discontent and this punk rock sound
    The suburbs are coming down
    Tear it all to the fucking ground

    Stuck in our restrictive bonds
    We're not going to be bored no more
    Molded to be the next workers
    Of this shitty, fucking world
    The streets are ours it's time to fight
    Time to take back our fucking rights
    That they stole from every one of us
    We'll turn your shopping malls into rubble and dust