The Right To Choose

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    Mar 2005
    Are we to go back to the days of Victoria?
    Will we so easily surrender the gains we've made so far?
    Back to an age of repression, hypocrisy and lies
    Forced into the backstreets as another freedom dies

    No! No return to the backstreets!

    Christian fundamentalists, right-wing nutters
    Claim to respect life - soon show their true colours
    Abortion clinic doctor gunned down in the street
    Is this the "sanctity of life" they claim is their belief

    No! No return to the backstreets!

    Thousands more will die - backstreet abortionist
    The bloody human consequence if we do not resist
    The bombing and the terror - well what do you think?
    Your future as a breeding sow behind the kitchen sink?

    "Abortion clinics bombed, medical staff shot and murdered - a sinister campaing of right-wing terror. We're not just talking about a bunch of religious fanatics trying to impose their views on everyone else - the issue of abortion affects us all as it is the doorway through which many people are brought to the broader reactionary agenda of the new right. SPUC, Operation Rescue, the BNP - make no mistake about it - unless we take on the nutters and fight we'll lose the right to choose"

    "Fight - or lose the right to chose"