The Greatest Show On Earth

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    Mar 2005
    Roll up, roll up, for I'll take your cash
    Anarchy is the line. Buy your anarchy t-shirts at only thirty-six pounds fifty a time!
    I've got anarchy badges - black on red - roll up and make your choice
    Or buy your nazi armband, last year's fashion, this year's price
    Long sleeve sweatshirts are a popular line
    I've got the "Crass" Broken Gun. Don't know what it means, but it suits you fine
    I've got a lovely line in anarchist ties, some "Conflict" patches if you like
    And some "Bash the Rich" matches. (Set light to those lovely cars! Ha ha)
    I've got anarchist with an A on, aprons for the anarchy cook
    Anarchist tea towels, anarchist mugs - come on take a look
    I've got anarchist pendants and anarchist flags
    Gift wrapped for your anarchist mates
    I have anarchy key rings, and a lovely sign made of chrome
    The purchase of my products brings anarchy to your home
    Anarchy lights - anarchy pens - anarchy panties - anarchy bras - anarchy dildos
    And, and, wait for it... wait for it... I have - brand new now
    The special line of anarchist rubber dolls
    Yes! You will go far as you fuck them to death in the back of your anarchist car
    MacMortarhate Products, just send off for a free catalogue
    for all the very latest in anarchist souvenirs