The Gift of Life?

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  1. Currently over 6 billion people inhabit the planet earth
    and with every hour, more than 10,000 people will be born
    A gift that should be so precious is instead a perverted game of deception & control
    Manipulative parents hellbent on success they could not achieve
    Greedy corporations to bring them to their knees
    A system based on murder to teach them how to kill
    A false prophet to suppress their thoughts to teach them to deny free will
    Text books filled with lies to distort their perceptions of reality
    Television to rot their brains and fill them with banality
    Consumer society to teach that money is success
    Date rape fucking culture to teach them the roles of sex
    Daddy beats on mommy, thats the way it is
    when he gets tired of that, he beats his fucking kids
    The gift of life, a precious act indeed, when a child is but a barcoded number in a system based on greed
    They need bodies to fill the prison cells
    They need bodies to fill the factories
    They need bodies to fight in their fucking wars
    They need bodies to satisfy their greed
    In their eyes a child represents a profit, not a life
    A potential customer, a consumer to be used and thrown aside
    We live in a world where people would rather close their eyes than ever admit that we're anything but civilized
    A cycle of oppression based on rules that they define
    Hatred, greed, destruction: will we ever see it die?
    Is it really our nature to accept being blindly led?
    And if that is our future, then the human race is dead.
    There is no basis of life in our current state of living.