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tentative de meurtre sur un antifasciste a Portland

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    For immediate release: April 1, 2010
    Contact: Portland Anti-Racist Action
    fight_​them_​back@​riseup.​net 971.533.7832 (voicemail)

    Portland Anti-Racists: Downtown Shooting was Likely a Neo-Nazi Ambush
    Anti-Racist Targeted in Saturday Morning Attempted Murder

    Portland, Oregon – In a city that still remembers the 1988 beating death
    of Mulugeta Seraw by three racists, a recent downtown shooting may thrust
    the issue of white supremacist violence into the forefront of public
    consciousness once again.

    A local anti-racist organization claims that the early morning shooting in
    downtown Portland on March 27, whose survivor remains in Intensive Care,
    was most likely an attempted murder by one or more neo-Nazis. The victim
    of the shooting, Luke Querner, is an entrenched and beloved figure in the
    anti-racist community. He has devoted over a decade of his life to
    opposing Portland’s white power movement.

    Luke Querner was shot at approximately 12:20AM on Saturday morning, in an
    unprovoked attack on SW 5th Avenue, between Stark and Washington Street.
    The shooting appears to have been well-​orchestrated;​ the assailant
    concealed his identity, fleeing at least initially by foot in a
    closely-​surveilled area.

    The attempted murder of Querner occurs in the context of escalating
    activity from a racist underground that believes it can operate with
    impunity. The past half year has been one of increasing audacity from
    local white supremacists, with organizations such as Volksfront, the
    Northwest Front and the National Socialist Movement drawing closer
    together. Members of these and similar organizations-​-​as well as cliques
    on their periphery-​-​share information about anti-racists and the Left, and
    have been increasing their actions against such targets.

    Portland Anti-Racist Action believes that the attempted murder of Querner
    was a political act, most likely by neo-Nazis. To treat this violence as
    gang-related obscures its political context and almost certainly misses
    its point. The shooting seems designed to send a message and to intimidate
    anti-racists. Portland ARA criticizes the police’s choice to release

    Querner’s name on Sunday, placing him at further risk. The organization
    also questions the police portrayal of the shooting, which frames the
    incident as near-random, rather than as an act of political terror and
    attempted assassination. Querner was shot because of his convictions, the
    group believes.

    “The Portland Police aren’t telling the whole story” states Alicia of
    Portland ARA, “They have not mentioned the most obvious motive for the
    shooting. We fear that they are more interested in smearing the victim
    than in uncovering the truth. Our thoughts go out to Luke right now.”

    An expanded statement with further details surrounding the shooting is
    available on the website: rosecityantifa.​org. Information on how to
    contribute to Querner’s medical bills and related expenses may also be
    found on this site. Portland Anti-Racist Action continues to be interested
    in any and all information related to white supremacist organizing in
    Portland and its vicinity.

    For more information, please contact Portland Anti-Racist Action at
    fight_​them_​back@​riseup.​net or 971.533.7832 (voicemail.)

    si y en a qui veulent la traduction j'ai celle de google mais sa ressemble a rien
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