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    Wednesday, March 14, 2007

    Cheap Sex - Time To Say Goodbye

    On March 1 Cheap Sex lost somebody who was very important to us. Chris Wick our guitarist on our second album - 'Headed For A Breakdown' hung himself after struggling with heroin addiction for the past couple years after the death of his mother three years ago. Chris was a great friend and an absolutely amazing talent and will be forever missed. The band feels like at this time we are at a crossroads with the loss of Chris and our drummer Gabe in particular who was his best friend wants time to deal with Chris's death. Therefore I am sad to say that Cheap Sex will be breaking up and we will be announcing a final show shortly.

    Anyone who knows me knows how important Cheap Sex is to me and always will be. The guys in the band are my family and we will be friends for life.

    Anyone who knows the band knows how important the fans are to us, and for them I am truly grateful.

    Phil, Brock, and I are interested in continuing to play music and are looking to form a brand new band playing brand new songs. If there are any drummers who are interested in trying out for the new band please get in touch.

    Information about Cheap Sex's final show will be made available as soon as we have something booked. Any venues interested in sponsoring our final show please get in touch.

    Thanks for the 5 years. It is with great pain in my heart that I send out this message.

    Long live Chris Wick. Rest in Peace brother.

    PS - Use your head. Don't do hard drugs.

    Mike Virus and Cheap Sex

    SOURCE: Blog Myspace officiel du groupe.
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    Dommage c'était pourtant un bon groupe.