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    Mar 2005
    So you've paid your dues and stood your ground much longer than most have been around
    You think they all owe you respect and should praise your superior intellect.
    I'm sick of all the token lines, "Stupid kid has no mind"
    "He's only 14 he has no clue"
    "He won't stick around cause he's way too new"
    So you've paid your dues but what for? Sticking around to uphold the score
    Maybe you'll give them a chance to "succeed"
    maybe you'll talk to them and do a "good" deed.
    "She's just here to pick up guys"
    "I saw his parents drop him off tonight"
    "I've never seen them at a show before - I wonder what they came here for?"
    Your arrogance is out of control
    You think you'll decide who can stay and who'll go
    Who can join the club is up to you
    After all you've paid your dues - after all
    But until they too have paid their dues
    until they' re no longer children, and they're no longer new
    until they all agree with your views....
    Nobody owes you!