Inhumane Cage

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    Mar 2005
    With ignorance in power and tax dollars in his trust
    Pretending he's a scientist, doing what he must
    Now he's on a mission and he won't give up the fight
    After 150 million deaths will he still claim to be right?
    It's all been said and done before, but never the less he wages war
    To win the approval of a nation, ignoring all the implications
    What the fuck is it he sees that this will bring humanity?
    Archaic tests with results that lie, this modern day Hitler needs to die!
    If you think you're so superior to the animals that you've decided their lives are yours to take,
    Then why do you apply test results to us, and put human lives at stake?
    Ignoring the alternatives, ignoring the facts
    Ignoring that it's been done before and the accuracy it lacks.
    Has he even given a second thought to what ChemRTK means?
    Or is it the EPA and vivisectors pulling Al Gore's strings?