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  1. Blind patriot praises democary
    And praise our glorious history
    The United States and United hates
    In inbred ignorance and the police state
    The freedom of choice as long as you fit
    Or as long as you have the money to pay for it
    Democary - A money scheme
    The rich stay rich, and we're left to dream
    Conditioned well from the day of birth
    More money is the answer to quench your thirst
    Competition - competition
    Beat down the rest in repitition
    You must succeed or you're a nobody
    Cast in the bank makes you a somebody
    This democracy, a mone scheme
    You can stuff your amerikkkan dream

    Chorus: Democracy - freedom of choice
    Where everyone is equal and has a voice
    Amerikkka, land of the free
    Amerikkka, where we're all so blindly happy

    Pacified, subservient, fools are what you are
    Believing their lies and supporting their wars
    Can't ypou see it's all in the name of greed
    That that mocks good is a charity
    Only the strong survive, only the rich survive
    Only the blind get by, only the obedient survive
    This democracy is a mockery
    Of co-called freedom, what hypocrisy
    Freedom of choice of what to buy
    Equlity - just another lie
    This system is one big fucking machine
    The rich reap the harvest while we work within
    We are slaves, we work all our days
    And with desperation we accept our pay
    Keeping the machine in working order
    Oppressing those beyond all borders


    Freedom?, freedom for who? For whoever can afford it - that's who. (Democracy?) our glorious freedom of choice, yet another misleading statement to fool us into their ignorance and pride. Which multinational should I give my money to today? Should I support starving children in third world countries, the destruction of the rainforest, or perhaps the death of a few hundred innocent animals? Let me put that in comsumer terms folks. McDonald's or Burger King. Coke or Pepsi. _____? or Gillette. This list goes on and on....