Free Trade In Death

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  1. One hundred seventy nine nations united in a policy
    based upon the profits of exploiting the majority
    the means of production controlled by the rich
    the trade industry subjugated as their wish

    The internation Monetary Fund was formed shortly before the end of the first world war as a plan for world develpment in the post war era. It has been the primary sourdce of funding "development projects" in the unindustrialized nations of the thrid world. The main institution of the IMF is the World Bank which the forces exploitative econmic standards as a condition for membership

    World band prjects dealers in death
    readjust the third world to suit the wealthiest
    World bank programs to indoctrinate the masses
    one bank, one profit, shove it up your arses

    The North American Free Trade Agreement creates a "free trade zone" qithin Mexico, the United States and Canada. Corporations use this to force down wages in the US and Canada by threatening to and in many cases actually moving production to Mexico where they abuse inimal enviromental standards and laissez faire labor laws

    Free trade policy loosened restrictions
    loosing the belt of the rich's convictions
    free trade on livelihoods free reign on the enviroment
    destitution for the poor everything for the rich

    The Gernal Agrrement on Tariffs and Trade is a treaty which expands the principals of NAFTA to a worldwide economy. In addition to creating a world free trade zone. GATT creates a World Trade Organization which must approve all possible restrictions on trade. Therefore, all major decision concerning enivromental an labor issues are made by a limited corporate body

    If these are all "agreements," who agreed?!?!