First Impressions

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    Mar 2005
    Closed off he took her by the hand and coughed
    To cover an understanding loss
    Perhaps this stake could be put across
    Without saying whether it was good or not
    Decided? Hardly! Couldn't give a toss
    Played up to a crowd like Jonathan Ross
    Or some such personality deceit
    But left the situation with something more complete

    That scared the hell for its obvious showing
    Of a well inside full of deeper knowing
    That said "That was all wrong"
    Reversed the role from weak to strong
    Decided to whom he really belonged
    And later felt the pain it caused
    Like a victory without the war
    Incomplete and nothing more

    That selfish - what did he do it for?
    What did he do it for?

    Taking time out to stay aloof
    Had made the problem twice as bad
    With a hatred of the actual truth
    He cut the little bond they had

    Don't take anyone for granted
    Every first impression slanted
    Next one came as a surprise
    And opened up some guilty eyes
    Take a sip from each other's cup
    Then find a common one to fill
    And if it tasted good fill it up
    And if it doesn't let it spill