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    There are women on the billboards and in commercials on TV
    There are women selling products with their own bodies
    Women selling beer, cigarettes and gum
    Women looking shallow-minded and inherently dumb
    Women selling cars, cosmetics and attire
    Telling us to look good, this is what's required
    There are women on the corners selling themselves upon the streets
    Why are women so expected to sell their own sexuality?
    There are women in magazines to tell us how to act
    Manipulating us as children, telling us it's fact
    There are women who have figured out to make a decent wage,
    It's worth the humiliation of dancing on a stage.
    Greedy eyes fixed on her, she has to hold a smile
    cause she's single with two children and the pay makes it worth while...
    They pay women for their sexuality, they know that it will sell
    And some women see the money as an escape from their own hell
    Both the sex industry and advertisors feed on desparation
    preying on inequality, the accepted male/female relation
    The more insecure the better, that's when we believe their lies
    It's time to rethink and relearn, and open up our eyes.