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    Mar 2005
    Manufactured boys and girls of today
    Do exactly what they're told there is no other way
    Then to sign their lives to the higher authority
    No self awareness that is the key
    Taught not to think to live in a disguise
    That hides ones identity afraid of their demise
    Buy and wear what you see on TV
    Told to support the sweatshop companies

    Today's youth... Brainwashed, Brainwashed

    The American way is conformity
    Told to strive for mediocracy
    Average is best...
    In the land of the free

    I walk down the street look at everything I see
    One face one voice loss of identity
    Scared to fit in comfort in conformity
    Are you content to be someone else to not know your true self?
    Resist the call to become one of the sheep
    Defy the pressure to conform by society
    Don't become a part of the herd
    Stand up for yourself, stand up and be heard

    Conformity: the American way
    Mediocracy: the American dream