concert de Fire And Flames qui tourne en émeute en europe!

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    c'est unpeu vieu, sa date de février dernier, mais j'viens juste de tomber sur sa dans les archives de A-Infos. Si vous comprenez l'anglais, lisez aumoins les 2-3 premiers paragraphes sa en vaut la peine!! Hahaha la police qui se soument aux communistes et anarchistes unis! L'article a été envoyé par Fire and Flames le label de jeunesse

    February 13 2005 Over 100 police officers, many of them in riot gear, attacked
    a concert organized on Saturday at the CNT offices/social space.
    The event, an antifascist solidarity concert featuring Brixton Cats (a
    local punk rock band) Brigada Flores Magon (a local Anarchist
    Skinhead band) and Opcio K-95 (a Communist Skinhead band from
    Barcelona) was developing normally, with a great atmosphere and over
    400 people in attendance, until the moment of the unprovoked attack.
    Police claim the attack was due to a woman "attacking" or "insulting"
    officers. When they attempted to arrest her, several people allegedly
    began throwing bottles at them from the entrance of the CNTs property.

    The CNT offices and social center are in the form of an alley off of
    a small street, giving the premises a U shape with only one exit.

    Comrades from the CNT and other antifascists present on the
    scene quickly formed defensive lines at the entrance to prevent the
    police from entering the premises, and a fight ensued in which
    blows were exchanged between police and masked concertgoers.
    Seeing the danger of a police incursion into the packed alley the
    gate was quickly closed. Police reacted to this by indiscriminately
    shooting gas and pepper spray into the area. Many police officers
    were also clearly unsettled by the high degree of organization and
    calm composure showed by those resisting their attack.

    Demanding that concert goers exit the premises one by one and
    with their hands on their heads so that they could arrest those who
    they saw fit to arrest, they threatened to storm the premises.
    Concertgoers and militants held their ground, dragging benches
    outside to use as barricades, and explaining to the police that it
    would be a serious mistake to try to enter the premises, as it would
    be a long and violent process.

    After an over one hour long stand-off, a higher-ranking police
    officer arrived on the scene, ordered the officers in front of the CNT
    to withdraw, verbally reprimanding those in command and asking
    them if they realized how close they came to provoking a night of
    serious rioting, and apologized to those present. Two police officers
    and 5 anti-fascists were injured in the fighting.

    The official police argument, that the entire stand-off was triggered
    by this one woman, is hard to believe given how quickly over 100
    police officers, many of them in riot gear, were deployed to the area.
    Furthermore, in the last few weeks there have been several police
    raids on leftist/alternative bars and spaces where concerts were
    taking place, with mass controls and other forms of harassment and

    On a more anecdotal note, Opcio K-95, a band represented in
    France by Fire and Flames Music, was playing their first ever
    concert in the city of Paris, and did indeed play to the end, with
    tears in their eyes (from the gas, not the emotion!) and a almost
    fully masked audience (due to the gas and the police).

    It seems Fire and Flames Music bands are developing a small
    tradition of rough greetings in Paris, as the last visit to Paris from a
    Fire and Flames Music band also encountered serious problems
    with the police.

    On that particular occasion, in June of last year, Jeunesse Apatride,
    an anarchist/anti-fascist oi/streetpunk band from Montreal, was in
    Paris to play as part of the 5 Years RASH Paris festival. On the day
    of the concert, 4 out of 5 band members were arrested in a Parisian
    outdoor market where at the same time a confrontation was taking
    place between anti-fascist militants and fascists. Thankfully it soon
    became clear that these distinguished musicians had nothing to do
    with the assorted gang of vandals and hooligans in the market, and
    the 4 were released just in time to rush from jail to the stage.

    From over here in Germany, we have to say that it gives us a great
    joy to to be associated with events which draw such combative,
    disciplined, and solidarity-conscious attendants. Finally, we are
    proud that bands associated with Fire and Flames repeatedly
    demonstrate their willingness to back their words up with action.
    From Guardia Negras concerts in Geneva during the G8 meeting
    and in Thessaloniki during the EU summit 2003, to Jeunesse
    Apatride on the market of Paris in 2004, and now Brigada Flores
    Magon and Opcio K-95 at the CNT in 2005, this is a trend we hope
    to see continue.

    Against Fascism, State, and Capital

    Hate the State,
    Fire and Flames
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    Oct 2005
    Parlant de Jeunesse, ça fait un boutte quils ont joué à montréal....
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    Mar 2005
    Y'était partit en tournée en europe, j'pense qu'y revienne en fds.

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    Août 2005
    Hey t'est mèlé toi! Jeunesse y'était pas en europe en février.... c'était en été l'an passé. Pis ils et elles terminent la tournée de cette année a la mi-octobre mais des shows il y en aura pas avant la mi-novembre ou début décembre minimum parce que le drummer y reste la bas un mois de plus.

    L'an passé la seule chose qui est arrivé pendant leur tourné c'était une action contre les jeunesses identitaires qui passaient des tracts contre le marriage gai.

    Juste a cause que le truc en février implique des bands sur le meme label que jeunesse et que le communiqué est envoyé par ce meme label ca veut pas dire qu'ils et elles y était. T'a le don de partir des rumeurs :)
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    Mar 2005
    Bon j'pense que nimporte qui qui prenait le temps de lire l'article pouvait comprendre de quoi y étais question. j'ai editer le titre, mais j'pense que nimporte ki qui s'arettais pas la comprendrais tres bien :p

    Partir des rumeurs lol tout s'que j'ai fais c'est poster cet article la intact tel que trouvé sur le site :p J'pas le manager de jeunesse j'ai aucune idée de tout ski font lol

    Et j'ai bien dis JE PENSE qu'ils reviennent en fin de semaine, tout s'que j'sais c'est qui y en a un qui reviens j'ai aucune idée si leur tournée s'arrête là ou non et j'pas la pour faire les annonces officielles
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    Août 2005
    Scuze moi, j'était saoule quand j'ai écrit le message et je croit que j'ai halluciné le mot jeunesse apatride dans le titre de ton post ou je ne sais quoi désolée :)
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    Mar 2005
    Nenon c'étais vraiment la je l'ai éditer pcq je mavais tromper mais jparlais pas de jeunesse apatride dans mon résumé juste le titre:p

    bon tk on s'en fous, juste une erreur:)
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    Jai pas reussi a bien comprendre le texte
    Langlais et moi ca fait 2 ^^

    Mais bon ca sert a rien Vu ke c aparamen une rumeur

    jdormiré bien cette nuit