Commies And Nazis

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    Mar 2005
    I want to have a drink I want to have a laugh
    I don't want no dodgy politics 'cos I ain't that daft
    Don't need some nutter telling me what to do
    I can think for myself and so can you
    Commies and nazis they're all the same
    They only want to use you for their own gain
    They lie deceive and try to confuse you
    Commies and nazis they only want to use you

    Right wing nutters spreading race hate
    Communist loonies who want a one party state
    Their extremist views are all too clear
    Commies and nazis you're not wanted here
    Commies and nazis what a shower
    They only want to use you to grab themselves power
    But once they got it they don't care about you
    Commies and nazis give 'em the boot!


    A fascist government you're almost better off dead!
    And it would be much the same under the reds
    More police more laws more prisons and the draft
    That ain't exactly my idea of a laugh
    And when there's no fun no freedom no future
    Is marching round in jackboots really going to suit you
    Or going on your parade waving your red flag
    If you're into that rubbish then you must be mad

    Commies and nazis try it on with us
    But we tell them where to go 'cos we've got more sus
    Than to be taken in by these scum we despise
    Commies and nazis we can see through your lies
    Commies and nazis they've got to be stopped
    They only want to use you to get to the top
    But once they're there they don't care about you
    They only want to give you orders and tell you what to do

    Commies and nazis try it on with you
    But these people are plonkers they ain't got a clue
    Try to flog your papers full of drivel and lies
    Well I'm asking you now is it any surprise
    That these people and their ideas are so despised
    When they've nothing to offer to you and I
    They only want to use you as their tools
    So tell 'em where to go if you know what's good for you

    But if you think that it's smart, hard, or hip
    To be a commie or nazi then mate get a grip
    You don't want to be taken in by none of that drivel
    Commies and nazis sit and swivel!
    We ain't thick and we won't play your game
    Our message to you will always be the same
    Commies and nazis go take a hike!
    Commies and nazis on yer bike!